Alternatives to your loved one sitting in jail awaiting court date.



Coastal Wellness & Sentencing Consultants ( 866) 981.2622 ext 0. offers a valuable service to assist in crime reduction and advocate for the prospective client. We gladly accept those who truly need to be rehabilitated vs. incarcerated for  those who mostly get charged for substance abuse induced crimes …..

Recent developments in criminal justice indicate the emergence of a national movement in favor of treating, rather than incarcerating, non-violent drug possession offenders. These developments include drug courts, local policies which favor rehab, and statewide ballot initiatives that divert non-violent drug offenders to rehab instead of incarceration. 
Public health approaches towards drug offenders have gained national attention and public support. In a recent survey sponsored by the Open Society Institute, “Changing Attitudes Towards the Criminal Justice System,” 63% of Americans considers drug abuse a problem that should be addressed primarily through counseling and rehab, rather than the criminal justice system. 
Many men & women come to us facing legal consequences for their behavior while using alcohol and or drugs. We are well prepared to act as court liaisons/judicial advocates to follow any protocol that the courts deem necessary to satisfy a condition set forth by the courts and or probation departments etc. 
Defense Attorneys – We have experience that will help you formulate a strategy that will enable you to provide an adequate defense to present to prosecuting attorneys and or probation departments. We do provide acceptance letters when admission requirements are met. 
Judges – We offer a solution that addresses the primary reason many of these men stand before you. Our recovery resources are  prepared to follow any protocol set forth by the courts. 
Probation Departments – Many men who have been placed under supervision cannot stay clean and are facing revocation as a result. We are prepared to follow any protocol set forth by probation departments i.e. UA’s, progress reports etc. 


Does my addicted loved one need jail?

County detention centers are over populated and court dockets are full. 90% of offenders who are in county detention centers are those who have a chance to be rehabilitated, yet cannot afford the high bond placed on them by the court system to match their alleged charge. If you have a loved one in a county jail who has a history of addiction to drugs or alcohol, they need help not jail time, Initially sometimes for first time offenders, jail can  help short term as a scare tactic to possibly motivate the addict to get on the straight and narrow and seek a solution for their addiction .But you may ask, “ What about my son or daughter who has been involved in the system for years, in and out of prison, swearing off to never use drugs again upon their release only to find them days or weeks later high once again. This means something. Prison didn’t work. Prison only separates the addicted from their drug by concrete walls. There is some superficial change that sometimes occurs, however its usually very short lived. If prison didn’t work the first, second or third time, who’s  to say it will work again? The chances are slim. Rehabilitation must occur and it starts with the addict being granted the gift of desperation, accompanied by a sincere desire to change. The family can want it for the addict but if they do not want help, Let Go until its their time to recover!




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